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City Theatre's City Shorts Auditions      (Non-Equity)

Who? Non-union actors ages 25-60

When?   Thursday, November 4th                3:00pm - 7:00pm 

Where? ArtServe   1350 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304    

To secure an audition slot, please submit:  Desired time frame for audition (example(s): 2:00p - 3:00p, or 10:15a - 11:15a)   

Upon receipt of your submission and review, you will receive an audition time. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In City Theatre's efforts lower our own carbon foot print, Actors are required to upload their head shot and resume through the Submittable portal.      

Audition Requirements:  2 contemporary monologues, contrasting in nature (not to exceed 3 minutes combined)   1 joke     

*If you have any additional accommodation requests or access needs, please call our offices at least 72 hours before the Audition date of October 28th.  305-755-9401

Additional Information First Rehearsal: March 7, 2022 Technical Rehearsals: March 22, 23, 24 Performances: March 25 - 27, 2022 ( 3 performances)   If there are conflicts with these dates and times, please do consider not auditioning.  

 Thank you.

War Words by Michelle Kholos Brooks

Rehearsal November 5 - 10 (30 hours, specific times TBD)

Reading November 10 @8:00p

Pay $350

Seeking Active Military or Military Veterans Submission, but all are able to submit.

The contract for this reading will be under a FULLY VACCINATED Rider. Vaccination status will be a consideration of hiring.

Casting breakdown:


Early to Mid 30's, Female Very small in stature but big in ambition. Was the only female on her

high school football team. Thirty-six weeks pregnant. Member of the first female Special Forces

Cultural Support Team which was a grueling selection process. Has dealt with harassment from

men in the military but mostly talked about how great and respectful they were.


Mid-late 30's, Male. Chase first impresses you as being big and strong and then surprises you by

showing himself to be thoughtful with a deep sensitivity. From a small town in Texas but no

discernible accent. Marine AND Green Beret. A deep believer in the military until his heart was

broken by the treatment of those who serve, including Iraqi and Afghan translators.

Dan F.

Early 40's, Male. Self-proclaimed aviation and tech nerd. The first group of pilots to train

specifically for RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). He’s a fast thinker and a thoughtful guy. It

was very important for him to translate that, contrary to popular belief, RPA pilots have more

intimate encounters with their targets than regular pilots. He understands why people would

make the assumption that his position is like manning a video game, but it bothers him. He does

not like the term “Drone” pilot because it implies that the aircraft is being manned by a robot

instead of a person. However, he is savvy enough to know that the general public understands the

terminology of “Drone Pilot” and it's usefulness for the purpose of media.


Early 40's, Male. Big, strong and damaged physically and emotionally beyond measure. Served

in the Army and the Air Force. Has been stabbed and shot a number of times. Has traumatic

brain injury and PTSD. Feels abandoned by the military but would go back in a second because

that is where he felt a sense of purpose. He feels angry and helpless that he has no place among

civilians. Loves Kimberley and enormously grateful that he has her to look after him, even

though he has threatened to kill her on occasion. He says it's only the thought of his children that

keeps him from committing suicide. Deeply important to him that people hear his story.


Late 30's, Female. Born into a middle class, non-military family. Felt that she had been given a

privileged life and signed up to give back to her country. Very unassuming and matter-of-fact,

but not without a sense of humor. Takes events, even traumatic ones, in stride. Has a funny,

teasing relationship with John.


Mid 20's, Male. Homeless. From Rhode Island but without a hard accent. Deeply intelligent and

well spoken, but did poorly in school where he seems to have been distracted and bored. A big

reader and has taken up writing, but embarrassed for anyone to see his stories. Working hard to

get back on his feet and become housed. He clearly needs purpose and, for a while, the army

gave that to him. Taught himself to play the ukulele with YouTube videos to make money on the



Mid to late 30's, Male. From Afghanistan. Translator for American troops. Has experienced more

trauma than most of us can imagine in our lifetimes, from the time he was five years old and saw

his local movie theater blow up. Perhaps because of this, he comes across as very chill. You

would never guess how many lives he's saved, how many people he's killed defending American

troops or all of the threats to himself and his family he has received for working with the

Americans. Finally became a citizen in 2020. Besides working full time to support his extended

family, he spends his weekends helping other Afghan transplants who are struggling. He calls

Matt, Brother.


30's, Female. Tough, honest and beautiful on the outside but not afraid to be vulnerable. Loved

the Navy despite it's treatment of her. Still managing some trauma from her experiences but

picks herself up, moves on and is always seeking new challenges.


Early 40's, Male. Born into poverty. Father left him, his mother and three sisters when he was

six. His mother worked three jobs to keep them alive. “Raised” by the army. Saw combat

including combat jumps which are extremely rare. Became an autodidact and eventually made

his way up to teach at West Point. He has become a writer and published articles in the NY

Times, amongst others. It is a great source of pride, but he has no snobbery. Obviously a very

committed family man. He deeply understands service and loss. Keeps remnant of an IED on his

desk to remind himself that it’s not big weaponry that has killed his friends, and that IED’s could

still kill his wife, Emily who is also represented in this story.


Late 30's -early 40's, Female. From Tennessee with a charming Southern accent. Ebullient,

optimistic, everyone’s best girlfriend. She will tell you the horrible things that have happened to

her, shaking her head with incredulity and laughing during the telling. She breaks your heart with

her positive outlook. She is very proud that this experience with Danny has shown her how

strong she is. Fiercely honest and determined that people know her story.


Mid to late 30's, Male. Highly intelligent, curious, literate--also musical and artistic. From

upstate New York. Had always thought about the military and 9/11 solidified that for him. Very

open and honest. Has a background in Intelligence. Matt is indebted to Janis, who he calls,

Brother, for saving his life.


Early 40's, Male, African American. Originally from New Orleans. Parents converted to Islam as

part of their commitment to civil rights. Great charisma and of good humor. Chooses to lead by

example. Very open minded. Still currently serves.

Nate (narrator)

Mid 30's, Male, hyper, handsome, intense, charming and will unabashedly swear like a sailor to

make his point (Even though he’s in the army. And a Chaplin). The boundless energy of Tigger

with the soul of Gandhi. Nate walks the talk and will give his personal cell phone number to any

homeless Vet he meets on the street. He makes serving humanity seem like the coolest endeavor

on earth.


Late 30's, early 40's, Male. British, Royal Air Force. Angry about what he's seen but British in

the way that he's able to hold back and not be overly emotional. A very easygoing yet ambitious

guy. Good sense of humor.


Mid 30's, Male. British, Royal Marines, the guy at the pub who knows everyone and everyone

knows him. Good natured and loves a laugh. Powerful in stature, ambitious in physical prowess.

Loved his time in the Royal Marines and would go back in a second if he hadn't lost both legs.


Early to mid 40's, Male. Optimist, understated. Loves diving. Truly believes in service. Was on

track to being a General before choosing to leave the military but you would never know it.

Confident enough to be humble. He strikes you as the guy you can have a beer with at the game

and then discuss geopolitics on the way home. And even though you suspect he knows a hell of a

lot more than you, he will still listen to and value your opinion.


Mid 30's, Female. Southern. Africa American, but there is nothing in her character to indicate

this if double casting requires another choice. On the first Female Cultural Support team with

Amy. Highly ambitious, competitive and athletic. Her education was somewhat derailed by

having a baby at a young age. Was very surprised to find how accepting and open-minded people

were when she got into the military, and loved learning about all the different ways that people


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